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Rin Okumura ( Wip) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 12 12 500+ Watchers! O_O :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 49 24 500+ Watchers! O_O I'm Back!! :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 18 17 Just a tiny preview :) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 19 14 Ulquiorra Schiffer-Murcielago (Over) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 39 30 Ulquiorra Schiffer-Murcielago (WIP) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 22 18 Son Goku SSJ (Over) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 41 30 Son Goku SSJ (WIP 2) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 18 14 Son Goku SSJ (WIP) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 20 12 GonFreecs-I don't care if this is the end O_O :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 50 31 My new DBZ lamp :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 16 19 GonFreecs-I don't care if this is the end O_O-wip2 :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 34 10 Final Fantasy XV, End-Of-Game Certificate :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 4 0 Gon Freecs-I don't care if this is the endO O(WIP) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 17 12 Kaneki-Tokyo Ghoul(Over) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 131 52 Kaneki-Tokyo Ghoul (WIP) :icondemitsuri54:Demitsuri54 40 15


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Demitsuri54's Profile Picture

Hi everybody! I 'm 21, I 'm dental technician and I live in the north of France , I started drawing seriously around October / November 2015 but I already drew a little bit when I was 14 .

I'm a fan of manga and anime , I want to present you my MAL :…
Don't hesitate to advise me of anime that I could enjoy.
Don't hesitate to give me advice or criticisms of my drawings , I would read them with pleasure!

Now, if you like what I do, here are some of my friends who do amazing things and who will surely please you:

:iconvizardgirl: :iconamaishi93: :iconsarahzaz: :icontaiyo-ta: :iconmarvelousbuzz: :iconencixx: :iconmaithagor: : :iconakirachaan: :iconxdaannx: :iconssgjd7: :iconhudaim: :iconsaitonart: :iconronstadt: :iconvixenxx96: :iconmslayer01: :iconmelanie2016: :iconfaisal-ardhy-art: :iconhardeep-art: :iconomegasakura: :icondaisuke-dragneel: :iconpersonaminato: :iconbarbyluna: :iconparthpurwar1: :iconshumikoto15: :iconmax-manga: :iconkaisakuris: :iconsreehari-namikaze: :icontaffz: :iconeclaiirehd: :iconbluemyzt: :icondrawprincess: :iconliza-chaaan: :iconsam-baten: :iconlukitzo:



500+ Watchers! O_O
Sincerely, a big thank you to all of you !!onion head 'shock' 

This represents a lot for me. To my 100 watchers I could not believe, now the 500 reached I think it is completely crazy!!
I'm going to come back slowly, I still have a lot of things to do these days and I work more and moreokaay.... , but when I could devote myself fully to drawing I promise to be very active again!Wander Emote: Thumbs Up 
Tag: 13 questions

I was tagged by :icongigaanime:

1. You must post these rules
2. Each person must share 13 things about them
3. Answer the 13 questions the tagger gave you and then invent 13 of your own
4. You must legitimately tag 13 people 
5. Tagbacks are allowed!
6. You must make a journal entry

To start sorry, I'm not really fan of "questions tagg" so I will tagg nobody :/ But I find the questions interesting so I want to answer :)
Soooo, let's go!

1)What's your favourite music genre?
R&B, Rap, J-rock, Deathcore and other kind of rock to the same level

2)If you could live one day as any person, who would you pick?
Certainly Jim Carrey is one of my favorite actors, but he does not make a movie for a moment and I seriously wonder what he becomes

3)For how long have you been drawing?
I drew at college when I was bored in class ^^ '(~ 13y) but I draw seriously since October / November 2015

4)Do you like to watch movies? If yes which genre?
Yes, a lot! And everything comes out, horror, thriller, action, comedy, everything goes on. I denigrate a bit the romances but that I watch them in anime lol

5)What are your other hobbies?
The basketball, I measure 2meters so I take advantage of this size ^^. I do a little guitar when I feel like it, I've seen enough movie to tell me cinephile of my generation ^ ^ I must say that I love it, but above all, manga and music Are my biggest hobbies

6)What motivates you to keep drawing?
What people say about my drawings :) you know many times I was a little fed up because I started a complicated drawing (#Naruto lol) and I was desperate because I felt unable to finish it, but seeing What people were saying about the preview I was posting, the desire to go to the end just grew! And it is also the case of my drawing One piece that I do currently

7)What are your advices for become better at drawing?
Unfortunately I realized that the tools were very important in the design: / I made a lot of progress by buying good quality material, but before that I was trying to make a perfect drawing, I did not sleep at night Sometimes to fine-tune my drawing, I think we have to struggle to progress, to give ourselves trouble and then to see what people say, if this or that thing goes wrong, you will be very angry to have Put so much time while it's still full of flaw and  you will not want this to happen again

8)What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Lemon/ Vanilla

9)Are you a cat or a dog person?
Mhmmm, I thinks cat?

10)Do you have a pet?
a goldfish...^^'. But I had several dog and a turtle, now I want a cat :)

11)What's your favourite movie?
The mask, for the absurd and the comic, and The Prestige For the way it makes you think about life, a masterpiece really!

12)Where would you like to travel?
Japan!!!!! '_'   Since my 9 years old is my most cherished dream, and it will be realized this summer !!

13)How are you?
After these questions I feel nostalgic lol, but I feel good otherwise! :D

So, I hope that my answers are interesting for you haha ^^ I wish you a good day;)
500+ Watchers! O_O I'm Back!!
Hello everyone!
I was absent for a while ^^', I had a lot of things to do recently and also a lot of games to finish...Sarcastic  But I am here today with an update, I will soon draw a lot I hope you will be there!

Tomorrow I get Horizon: zero dawn and the 10th NieR: Automata so I will surely play a lot but promised I would take a little time to drawWink and Dimples 


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ZQ42 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Hello, thanks for the favs! Have a fantastic day :D
Demitsuri54 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Heyyy, You're absolutely welcome as always Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] 
VizardGirl Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, I can't believe you mention me in your profile!!!!!!!!! I just realized now!!!! :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek) :o (Eek)  you've left me without words! I think I've fainted.
I'm on your profile btw because I remembered you said to me some ideas/requests about Bleach but I'm a dork and I didn't take a note about it and I'm searching for our conversation... which I can't find :(
So please, after seeing that, tell me what you want, I'll draw it for you, definitely! I am a dummy! 
Demitsuri54 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Oh, that's ok ^^ 'no need to do this :D.  Since several months I have mentioned several people because they deserve it sincerely, they should have many more views.

Of course I have put you firstNatsu - Happy 3 , it is the least to thank you for all your nice words.Love Love 
So, don't see it as a request, but if you have a little desire to draw Ulquiorra or Kyoraku (my favorites), I would be very glad to see them draw by your handNatsu - I'm ready 
VizardGirl Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwww but that's too much! :hug: I don't deserve it! :blush: and of course I would pay special attention to your gallery, it's really cool! :D 
Don't worry, your requests are in my plans :) I know I haven't done anything about Ulquiorra and Kyoraku and it's because they are special characters to me XD I've got something special for them in mind, but don't worry, it won't take so long that I'll start with them! :)
Fangirl - Lucy Fairy Tail 
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